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Cost and Testimonial Hair Fall Treatment Doctors In India

Hair Transplant Cost & Testimonial

Before knowing what will be the cost of your hair transplant you must make sure that Hair is the most important feature of your looks and the loss of hair often equates with loss of confidence and personality; more over it may make you look older than what you are and it does affect your social standing in society with your friends, family and at your work place.

Growing new hair is not the only thing that is important while undergoing hair transplant but one should know that the new hair should look and feel normal and natural. This depends very much on the artistic hand, training and experience of the doctor. Bad hair transplant can make you repent for life time as it is difficult to hide or flaunt because it is right at the top and front and is visible to everyone and very difficult and expensive to correct the bad hair transplant.

Dr. Mahadevia is in this field for over 18 years and has done over 2000 hair surgeries and has done millions of grafts. He is trained with the best of the transplant surgeons of the world in more than 10 developed countries and has been the member of reputed international organizations like ISHRS, AAHRS and AHRS etc.

One note of caution: High quality grafts with less than 2% transaction rate makes it really cost effective for you as your precious donor area is often ruthlessly damaged by some clinics offering this procedure at a apparently low cost which in the end turns out to be very expensive. Electronic counting machine make it very transparent for you as far as the number of grafts is concerned, as you may know that some places people have lost a lot of money because they received the grafts without counting.

Dr. Mahadevia also offers Body hair transplant in case you have low donor density or if you want to reduce the number of sittings and number of long distance visits for the procedure.

It is also important to realize that we charge on "per graft – Follicular unit" basis, unlike some clinics which charge "per hair or per follicle" basis. A graft can have from 1- 5 hair and most grafts will have two or three hairs. On an average, 100 grafts will grow around 250 hairs.

Compare the Cost of Hair Transplant in other countries and some metro cities of India

The cost of FUE hair transplant in Europe ranges from 4-8 euros and that in US varies from 7 to 12 dollars and what we offer is less than $2 or € 1 per graft for FUE.

More over for the people from outside India must know that we have about 60% of people traveling from out side the country and the reason for them to come to us for Hair surgery is not only the fraction of the cost of what they have to pay in their country, but they get personalized attention by an experienced and skilled doctor which is hard to get in the west. They can also be able to visit some of the exotic Indian destinations using the same trip and may not let their colleague to know that they have undergone hair surgery!

Some clinics charge per session or per square inch but you would never know how many grafts you have received per session or per square inch and therefore we charge on "per graft – Follicular unit" This fee includes all the charges, including medicines, surgery charge, anesthesia and OT usage charge and assistant charges including disposables. In long surgery this also includes your lunch or meal charge and if the postoperative wash is given on the next day this also is included in this. We usually give a set of post operative care kit that is also part of this and the charges for post operative consultation visits at least for 1st year is also included in this.

What it does not include is the preoperative blood tests.

The BHT, HT without shaving, Procedure on Saturday and Sunday, procedure on VIPs, HT for specialized situation such as eyebrow, beards, burns or scars, vitiligo etc. will not be charged per graft basis but you may wright to us with the pictures of the affected area and we will be able to quote you the price.

  • One stage of Alopecia Reduction costs Rs. 15,000
  • The cost of special situations like eyebrow, eyelash, beard, moustache etc. IS NOT ACCORDING TO THE NUMBER OF GRAFTS but will be decided on consultation.


1. FRONT (Holding your hairs backwards),
2. TOP (view showing the entire top of head)

Hair Transplant Treatments

Hair Transplant Treatments
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