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" Others may appreciate good hair occasionally but we understand it's true worth only when it's missing. "
- Dr. Mahadevia
Hair Loss, Hair Transplant and Medications:
Dr. MahadeviaIndiaMART TrustSeal Clinic offers,“International Quality at affordable cost. He is a fully trained Plastic Surgeon with over 21 years of experience, knowledge and commitment behind him.. Dr. Mahadevia is a member of “ISHRS” the most recognized International body of Hair Restoration. He is also a member of FUE Society Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons AASRS, as well as Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India (AHRS). He had trained himself from the leaders in the world such as Dr Lorenzo of Spain, and Dr Jung Chul Kim of S Korea to name a few. He has visited various centers of UK, Korea, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Australia, USA, Poland, Amsterdam and Turkey for upgrading his skills. These days he advocates the minimally invasive, least traumatic painless and most beneficial techniques of FUE (Follicular unit Extraction) over the older Strip method, which involves the stitches, pain and more blood loss leaving behind a linear permanent scar. He offers Body Hair Transplant (BHT) when appropriate.

Dr. Mahadevia uses all Follicular grafts that are rapidly, scientifically and artistically implanted in the area of hair loss by his innovated “wet” technique, which keeps the grafts moist even at the time of implantation. Mega session and dense packing is what we promote for good results preferably in one session. His specially designed “Hair Transplant Table” makes your experience most comfortable.

Hair Transplantation Services

This old method needs cutting a piece of skin from the back side of the head and had painful stitches for few days and leaves its permanent stitch mark. We no more offer this method

Also know as (DHI, FIT, CIT, FUSE, WOOD'S METHOD, and DHT, SBS). In this method; the hair Roots (Follicular Units) are individually harvested one by one from the donar area by a micro punch device of 0.75 to 1mm size. The wounds are tiny & heal rapidly with no visible scar or pain.

Primary use of BHT is generally not recommended due to following reasons: Quality of most body hair is not as good as that of the hair of the scalp. 

The facial hair transplant is the surgical technique that carried out with the individual hair follicles from any part of body named donor site.

Genetically your hair in this area is Hormones sensitive. These hairs become thin in diameter and cannot grow long and eventually the hormone

Flap is the tongue of tissue or skin where one end is attached to the body for the blood supply. This major surgical procedure and involves majors visible scar. Although some scalp

Dr.M Hair Transplant Clinic (Dr. Mahadevia Bishan) offers the ideal and evident solution for your loss through its technology based Hair Restoration. Now-a-days, hair loss has become the most.

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Get the value for your money
1. International Quality
2. Latest Technology
3. Personalized Care
Dr. Bishan Mahadevia Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon
MBBS, M.S. (Gold Medallist)
M.Ch. ( Plastic Surgery)
Hair Transplant Fellowship(Korea)

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